Grechina Olga Nikolaevna

Grechina Olga Nikolaevna is a painter and graphic artist.
She was born on February 4, 1947 in Kovrov.
Graduated from the Moscow State Art Institute named after V. I. Surikov.
Member of the Moscow Union of Artists since 1974.


Grechina Olga after graduation works in the techniques of etching, engraving, lithography (silkscreen).
From the late 70s to the present, Grechina has been engaged in easel painting. The subjects of her paintings: nature, landscapes, still lifes, portraits, architecture, complex multi-figure compositions. One of her painting directions will be hyperrealism (photorealism)
Olga Grechina is a participant of Russian, All-Union and foreign expositions. Her solo exhibitions are held in the largest Moscow galleries and museums of different countries.
The paintings are in private collections in Russia, USA, England, France, Turkey, Poland, etc.
In 2007 Olga Grechina was awarded the Badge of Distinction "For Achievements in Culture"".
In 2008, she was awarded the Silver Order of the II degree "Service to Art"

Olga Grechina is one of the outstanding contemporary artists working in various genres and techniques. Her work as a whole is not limited to any artistic direction that developed in the twentieth century, but many of these directions are intertwined, reflected in the unique style of the master.
The picturesque world, born by Olga Grechina, is filled with music and light. Her bright works glow from within with joy and warmth - emotions so necessary for us in everyday modern life.
Larisa Yevtushik, art critic.


Works in collections
State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
State Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg
Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics, Moscow, Kaliningrad
German National Museum, Nuremberg, Germany
Alpha Cubic Gallery, Japan
Zigzag Corporation, USA
Ludwig Museum, Germany
Reinhold Wurth Museum, Germany
"Crystal Art", Japan.
Museum of Modern Art, Antwerp, Belgium.
Collection of Mr. Schlanke, Germany.
Private collections of Russia, USA, England, France, Turkey, Poland, etc.


Solo exhibitions
1990. M'ARS Gallery, Moscow.
1992 Gallery "Carlier", France
1993 Gallery "Pan Art", Moscow
1996. Gallery "Intercolor", Moscow
2001. U Yara Gallery, Moscow.
2007 Gallery "U Yara", New Manege (Exhibition Hall "Chekhov's House"), Moscow.
2010. U Yara Gallery, New Manege (Stolitsa Hall), Moscow.
2018. PROMGRAFIKA Gallery.
2019 . "Nizhny Novgorod" "Hyperrealism, romantic postmodernism"
2021. Exhibition hall of the city of Blagoveshchensk. Blagoveshchensk.
2021. "Bagratuni Art Gallery". Moscow
2021. Novokuznetsk Art Museum "From Hyperrealism to surrealism". Novokuznetsk.
2021-2022. Kuzbass Museum of Fine Arts. "From hyperrealism to surrealism". Kemerovo.
2022. Gallery "A3" . Moscow.


1972. IX Moscow Exhibition of works by Young Artists.;
All-Union exhibition of works by young artists
in 1973. All-Union Poster Exhibition, Vilnius.
onethousandninehundredseventyfour All-Union exhibition of prints, Minsk.
onethousandninehundredseventyfive The Fifth Republican Exhibition Soviet Russia (exhibition, 1975), Moscow;
1975. Women artists of Moscow, Moscow.
onethousandninehundredseventysix All-Union exhibition of works by young artists "Youth of the country", Moscow;
1976 VI Biennale of Graphics, Krakow, Poland;
1976. Soviet sculpture and graphics, Czechoslovakia.
onethousandninehundredseventyseven All-Union Art Exhibition dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution "Along the Leninist Path", Moscow;
1977 Exhibition of Soviet paintings and graphics, Vienna, Austria;
1977 International Exhibition of Fine Arts, Belgrade'77, Yugoslavia; VII Biennale of the Baltic Sea Countries, Rostock, GDR.

onethousandninehundredseventyeight All-Union exhibition of works by young artists, Minsk;
onethousandninehundredseventyeight All-Union art exhibition "Young Guard of the Soviet Country", Moscow.
1979 The first International Youth Drawing Triennial, Nuremberg, Germany.
onethousandninehundredeightyone Exhibition of works by Moscow artists (Exhibition 23x), Central House of Artists, Moscow;
onethousandninehundredeightyone Exhibition of young artists, Moscow.
onethousandninehundredeightyfive Triennial of Realistic Painting, Bulgaria. Diploma.
1986 Biennale of Graphics, Krakow, Poland. First Prize;
onethousandninehundredeightysix Cultural figures in the struggle for peace, Manege, Moscow.
1990 "Soviet contemporary art", Alpha Cubic Gallery, Tokyo.
1990. "Artists of Moscow and Leningrad 1965-1990", Columbus Museum of Art, Ohio, USA.
1992. "XX century Russian art. Avant-garde - Glasnost", Nassau Country Museum of Art, USA.
1993 Central House of Artists, Moscow (Grechina, Geta, Pobedin, Sherstyuk).
1994 - 1995 I and II "Russian collection, the end of the XX century". Gallery "M'ars", Moscow.
1994. "Crystal Art" Gallery, Osaka, Japan.
1996. "Crystal Art" Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.
1997. "The World of sensual things in paintings", Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts.
1997. M'ars Gallery, Moscow.
1998 Art Salon 98, Moscow.
1998 Art-Manege 98, Moscow.
1999. "Natura" Manege Gallery, Moscow.
1999. "Tokyo Project", Central House of Artists (Central House of Artists), Moscow.
2000. Vita-Style Gallery, Moscow.
2001. "Artists of the Circle of DI" (decorative art), Academy of Arts, Moscow.
2001 Charity auction "Operation Smile", Moscow.
2002 Art Manege, Vert Gallery, Moscow.
2002 Charity auction "Operation Smile", Moscow.
2002. "Women of Russia and China", Revolution Museum, Beijing, China.
2003 Art-Manege 03, Vert Gallery, Moscow.
2003 Circle of Artists DI (decorative art), Tsereteli Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow.
2003 Charity auction "Operation Smile", Moscow.
2004 Art-Manege 04, Krasnaya Presnya Center, Manege Gallery, Moscow.
2004 Zebra — Bliss Gallery, Moscow.
2004. New Manege, Moscow.
2004 Charity auction "Operation Smile", Moscow.
2007 Gallery "Galileo". Exhibitions "Russian Metamorphosis" and "Hyperrealism and its surroundings". Moscow.
2007 IV Biennale of Contemporary Art. Tashkent. Diploma.
2008 CHA. Salon. The AIS project "Natura". Moscow.
twothousandnine "Between the past and the future." MGVZ "New Manege",
2009 "Gallery at Yar". Moscow.
2009 "Art-Manege", Central Exhibition Hall "Manege".
2010 "Hudgraf", MGVZ "New Manege", "Gallery at Yar". Moscow.
twothousandten "Graduates of the Moscow State Agricultural School. Surikov of the 60s". CHA. Moscow.
2010 "Fragments", GBUK "Museum and exhibition association "Stolitsa", "Gallery at Yar".
twothousandeleven "Space Expedition", Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics, Moscow.
2012 "Without barriers. Russian Art 1985-2000.", The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg.
2012 "City, faces, destinies", the project "Free Artists of St. Petersburg", the Exhibition Center of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists.
2012 "City, faces, destinies", the project "Free Artists of St. Petersburg", Central House of Artists, Moscow.
2013. "Born to fly... and crawl", The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg.
2014-2015 "Free Artists of St. Petersburg Results 2014" exhibition "Dialogues with the great", Exhibition Center of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists.
2020. Moscow House of Artists. Kuznetsky Bridge 11. "ARTISTS OF THE SEVENTIES. 1970-2020». Moscow.
2019, 2020, 2021, 2022. Promgrafika Gallery "Markossky". Moscow.
2019. The Museum of Art of St. Petersburg " Dashing 90s ". Saint-Petersburg.